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Private Property Rights

First Adopted July 27, 2011 - Updated September 27, 2011


Situational Overview

The question of who can own land was answered by America’s Founding Fathers who understood clearly that private property ownership was the foundation, not only of prosperity, but of freedom itself. Increasingly, an individual’s right to own property is under attack by unrestrained local and state governments.


The Boone and Crockett Club supports constitutional and traditional principles that protect legal, individual and societal rights. The Club endorses the cultural and traditional values associated with private ownership of property especially as those values that relate to stewardship and management of the land and its associated resources. The Club also supports the partnership between those who own and control the land and those agencies in and out of government that set social and economic matrices needed for environmental protection and the wise use of resources.

Scientific knowledge and reasoned judgment are essential for arriving at solutions to problems and conflicts that affect those who make a living from the land and whose activities may impact environmental values and conservation principles held by society.

The Club recognizes that some resources cannot be possessed by any individual or corporate entity and that these resources are property of the public domain. Air, water, soil, living creatures, landscape beauty and other aesthetic values properly belong to the public. Therefore, through their committed stewardship of and kinship with the land, those who manage private lands ought to protect public lands with the same vigor and commitment as they do their own privately held lands.

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